Brandenburg meets Korea   브란덴부르크가 대한민국을 만나다

Virtual B2B Meetings for companies with innovative solutions

The main goal of the B2B meetings is to establish new partnerships and cooperative relationships between companies and institutions, clusters and associations from South Korea and the German Capital Region of Berlin-Brandenburg as well as to further develop existing collaborations between both sides.

The B2B meetings will take place after October 26, 2020.  They will be realized through videocalls.

Funding by

The event is funded by the Government of the Land Brandenburg (Germany) and by the European Region Development Fund.

The participating companies from Berlin-Brandenburg (> 20) offer innovative and digital solutions mainly in the sectors of

  • IT, Software Engineering
  • Machine Engineering
  • Medical Technology
  • Sensors
  • Mobility 
  • Electronics 
  • Optical Industry
  • Chemical Industry

B2B Meetings – How does it work?

A matchmaking or networking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners in face-2-face talks. 20-30 minutes run fast but it is enough to build first connections before the bell rings and the next talk starts.

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